This is Chalo Chalo

Our story begins in the amazing India. Back in 2014, founders Laura and Juan had a trip to this beautiful country that will change their lives. They were amazed by the culture, but mostly, by how proud Indians were of their country. They returned to Colombia, their home country, and started working on Chalo Chalo.
By 2019, we decided to expand our project to México and the whole world, resulting in a great success and acceptance by the public, for which we decided to share our brand with the whole world.
All of our daily efforts are geared towards making others feel proud of where they come from. We want to share with the world all of its beauty, culture and nature. All of these attributes that make each of us unique. We are a movement that celebrates life, different cultures and our mother earth.

Let's show the world who we are!
By sharing our cultures in everything we wear or use, like our pone case.

Tell us where you are from and what makes you proud of your country. We'll be happy to show through our designs, we will capture the best of your culture so can wear it and feel proud of it. Follow us, and share the love with everyone.

Founders: Laura & Juan


What Makes Us Unique

Chaló Chaló means "Let's Go" which is our motto to keep working everyday
We feel proud of who we are, and we want to share this feeling with everyone.
We provide full time jobs to tens of men and women in developing countries.
We give back to our planet by planting trees and using eco friendly materials.